The old ways are our traditions    The new ways represent our progress
What was once new becomes old    What is old will be renewed

Welcome to Shin Kyokushin. We are Mas Oyama’s Kyokushin,
The philosophy of Shin Kyokushin is to use the discipline, dedication and perseverance that is practiced in the Dojo in your everyday life.

The Sarina Dojo is a full time facility open all day everyday with early morning training, individual work outs and formal classes.

The ultimate truth is what Kyokushin is translated as, find out for yourself what your ultimate truth is.
The training is hard, demanding and challenging. It will explore and push your physical and mental boundaries.

If this represents the ultimate truth for you come and join us.

Sensei Karl Fox

Ph: 1800 809 734   |   Mobile: 0408 726 775

Sarina Karate Club Ph: 07 4956 2311

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